Trying Periscope for Video Discussion

Periscope There are many ways to quickly and easily share video today from mobile devices, with video becoming increasingly popular in web-based learning environments. While I try to model best practices of online course design and delivery in the courses I teach, I’m also curious to try new approaches and technologies to see their potential within online learning. One such intriguing technology that I’m curious to try is live mobile streaming video. To do so in our course, I’m going to use the free Periscope app for broadcasting and recording video announcements throughout my spring 2016 course, ETT 570: IT Leadership. If you’d like to try Periscope with me, simply download and install the free Periscope app onto your phone and then follow me within the Periscope app, username @jasonrhode. After doing so, when I post a start a live video broadcast on my phone, you’ll receive a push notification and can watch live and post questions/comments via text chat in real time while watching the video.

After each live video broadcast, I plan to upload the video to our course YouTube playlist and post in Blackboard to the appropriate online discussion forum or as a new announcement, so even students who don’t try Periscope can still watch the recorded videos from me. Here’s an example of the recorded video from my most recent live video broadcast on Periscope.

I’ll be interested to hear feedback on my use of Periscope in the course and I think this could have MANY different educational applications. More to come!