#ETT511 The Importance of Teacher Bloggers

Why should you consider blogging as an educator? Check out this article discussing the importance of teacher bloggers and offering blogging suggestions for teachers.



  • Tammy McGovern

    I am new to blogging, so I am searching through the millions
    of blogs to find things that interest me.
    I found your blog through one of my classmates and I am very glad that I
    did. I have enjoyed reading through your
    posts and found that most of the information that you have posted is something
    beneficial to me in my teaching. This
    article in particular really stood out to me.
    I am so excited to now be in a position to use blogging to give and
    receive to my fellow teachers. I have
    often shared what I could with other teachers in my school. I have even found some things on the internet
    that I can use, but have never put myself in a position to share my things with
    others. I love the idea of not starting
    from scratch to create meaningful lessons and activities for my classes. I was pretty surprised to see some of the
    comments for the actual article though.
    It seems that so many feel that their stuff is being “stolen” or used in
    a way to “hurt” them. I do not
    understand why so many people do not share their ideas. I have never kept from sharing my
    materials. I know that there have many
    times that I have taken from others, so it is my way of giving back. I remember when I was a first year
    teacher. I cannot imagine how I would
    have survived without the help of others.
    Thanks so much for sharing the way that you do. These articles are so helpful and I look
    forward to the many ways that I will be able to use this information to help myself,
    and hopefully others, to become a better teacher.

    • Jason Rhode

      Tammy – Blogging is indeed a fantastic way to not only build your professional learning network but also share from your own expertise with others. Thank you for the kind words!