Kids react to old computers

Do kids today know how to work a late 70s/early 80s home computer?  Watch this video titled “Kids React to Old Computers,” to see a group of young children who are shown an old Apple II computer one at a time. Then, they react.

What was the earliest computer that you used? How would your childhood have been different if the technology available today would have been available back then? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Instructional Designers’ Roles

Click here to enlarge | Source: e-Learning Infographics

The Instructional Designers’ Roles Infographic shows that the instructional designer is part engineer, part architect, part artist, and part craftsman. It definitely entails a lot of flexibility or the ability to balance roles. What other roles would you suggest be added to this diagram? Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas!

Here are a few other resources related to instructional design that you might find helpful.

#ETT511 Top 100 Technology Blogs for Teachers

As you look to build your own personal learning network, here’s a great collection of technology blogs specifically geared toward education that you might find of interest:

~ Dr. J

#ETT511 The Importance of Teacher Bloggers

Why should you consider blogging as an educator? Check out this article discussing the importance of teacher bloggers and offering blogging suggestions for teachers.

#ETT511 Eye Spy Visual Design #etraeyespy – Summer 2014

#etraeyespyExamples of visual design are everywhere around you! As a student in #ETT511, each week you will take a photo of at least 1 example of visual design that you come across in your everyday life. Post the photo to Instagram using hashtag #etraeyespy and include in the description why in your opinion the visual design you’ve photographed is either effective or not.

To receive full credit, a minimum of 1 photo each week with brief description should be posted to Instagram with hashtag #etraeyespy. Follow hashtag #etraeyespy to see the visual design examples your classmates “spy” and comment on the ones that you find most interesting.