What’s the State of College Readiness in the U.S.?

Did you know that for every 100 ninth-graders, only 70 gradate high school? This video about college readiness in the United States reveals some alarming realities facing educators and students today.


  • Steve

    Jason, this blog topic caught my attention. A line of research I began about a decade ago on the correlates of postsecondary graduation rates suggests students are graduating well-prepared from high school for college.
    On average, 25 percent leave their first college before their second year for a number of reasons, about half transfer to another college. In terms of academic challenges, scholarly work on the topic of retention indicates they leave because they may be over-challenged or under-challenged. My analyses suggest the latter is probably more prevalent given some statistically-significant comparisons between institution level average ACT(SAT) scores and retention rates.
    Perhaps instructional designers and technologists can alleviate that apparent mismatch by finding methods that allow them to evaluate challenge levels.
    Have you any thoughts on this approach?