Extending Twitter

Presentation I gave as part of the online session, “Using Twitter for Teaching, Learning and Professional Development in Higher Education” January 28, 2011. More details, including session handout and links to online resources, are available at bit.ly/twitterinedu

Advanced Twitter Tips, Tricks and Tools

Have you gotten started with Twitter but now wondering what else is possible? What are hashtags? What are Twitter lists and how do get started using them? How can you easily post photos, videos, and links? What additional online tools and 3rd party apps can be integrated with Twitter to streamline posting of resources? I led this advanced hands-session at Faculty Summer Institute 2010 exploring the answers to these questions. The interactive online handout, resource links, and video archive are available. I also offered an introductory Twitter workshop at FSI with basic steps for getting started.

Keep it Short and Tweet: Intro to Microblogging Using Twitter

Twitter is an online application that is part blog, part social networking site, and part cell phone/IM tool. It is designed to let users describe that they are doing or thinking at a given moment, in 140 characters or less. I led this hands-on session at Faculty Summer Institute 2010 introducing the Twitter microblogging tool and discussing its mobile collaboration potential in the learning environment. The interactive online handout, resource links, and video archive are available. I also offered an advanced Twitter workshop at FSI with more tips and tricks.

Twitter in Plain English

CommonCraft has released yet another wonderful video explaining a technology in very simple terms. In their latest video, they explain Twitter in Plain English.

Really enjoying Twitter

So, I’m about a week into my experiment trying Twitter and I must admit that I’m really enjoying being able to post such quick little updates of what I’m doing.  Especially as I’m in the midst right now of wrapping-up my dissertation and I have a bunch of small milestones that I need to hit soon, being able to quickly post my status has been helpful not only as a small encouragement to keep moving forward, but also allows me to look back and celebrate the process I’ve made thus far.

I’ve found the Twitter widget for Mac OS X to be espeically helpful, as I can very quickly post my status without having to logon to a website anywhere.  This free widget is a definite must-have for anyone on a Mac who is Twittering.

Also convenient is the ability to setup Facebook to show your latest Twitter post as your status.  Post to Twitter and “kill 2 birds with 1 stone.”

I’ve also started poking around for others who are on Twitter to see what they are posting, but haven’t found too many educators or children’s ministers yet.  Do you fall into either of those categories and do you have a Twitter account?  Drop me your username…I’d love to check out your Twitters 🙂  You can find me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/jrhode

As I continue to become more familiar with Twitter, I’m looking forward to trying to implement this into my teaching.  Anyone else started using Twittter or some other micro-blogging tool in your online teaching or children’s ministry communications?  I’d love to hear your comments.