Live-Tweeting Presentation on Social Teaching Strategies, 3/29/13, 12:45-1:45PM CDT – Join us!

On Friday, 3/29/13, I will be giving a keynote presentation from 12:45-1:45PM CDT entitled, Social Teaching Strategies for Engaging Today’s Active Learner at the Annual Western Illinois University Symposium on Teaching, Research and Creative Activities.

During the presentation, we’ll consider how students today are using social media in their daily lives and explore together how social media can be used to actively engage students in the learning process, both in and outside the classroom. A social teaching framework will be shared as well as principles and best practices for leveraging social media in teaching and learning.

I’ve begun drafting a interactive online handout that will contain presentation slides and resources that I will share. In addition, as I’m always willing to try something new in my presentations, I plan to incorporate for the first time into one of my faculty presentations several interactive pieces that will provide further opportunities for faculty participants to interact live using their mobile devices as well as extend the presentation beyond the “physical walls” of WIU.

Live-Tweeting & Twitter Backchannel

I’ve selected the hashtag #socialteaching and will be using it extensively over the coming days in sharing resources prior-to, as well as during my presentation. Join the conversation or share additional resources on Twitter related to use of social media in teaching and learning using hashtag #socialteaching.

Thanks to the instructions I initially stumbled across from Alan Levine and step-by-step video from Adam Bellow, I plan to live-tweet during my presentation using Keynote Tweet 2 on my Mac. Watch for the #socialteaching Twitter stream on Friday, 3/29 and join the conversation!

Mobile/Web-based Polling using PollEverywhere

As I’ve been informed that the majority of the faculty who will be attending live will have either a smart phone or tablet, I plan to incorporate numerous polling questions before and during the presentation using PollEverywhere. I’ve signed-up for a presenter plan for 1-month for the sake of this presentation and will be using the PollEverywhere Mac Presenter App to embed live polls in my Keynote slides as well as live-tweeting the polls, with responses able to be received by web, text, or Twitter. Please feel free to respond to the polling questions when you see them become available!

Texting Backchannel using Celly

to join, text @socialteaching to 23559

I’ve been intrigued for sometime now with the applications for use of text messaging in teaching and have been exploring various text messaging tools. I recently setup a free account with and have created a Celly group @socialteaching that I will be inviting participants (live and virtual) to join and try as another backchannel option before, during, and after the presentation. Whereas the Twitter stream is public and open, the texting backchannel can be made private and has different applications for within a class setting. During the presentation, I plan to send out a couple of different polls that participants can respond to directly via text message. Participants can also share a comment or give other feedback directly via text message.

Again, this is another experiment on my behalf and would love to have anyone interested in seeing in action to join the texting group and give it a try! To join, simply text @socialteaching to 23559 or join at

Google+ Hangout on Air

I’m also toying with the idea of doing a Google+ Hangout on Air and live-stream the video of the presentation. I’ve not decided yet if I will try pulling this off, chiefly because I will be relying on a wi-fi connection during the presentation. If my connection seems solid and I can pull off the technical details, announce the live stream on my Twitter and Google+ and the live stream of the video (and later the recording) will be on my YouTube channel.

Your Participation is Invited!

I’d love for you to participate “virtually” via social media in this presentation! In summary, here again are the ways you can get involved:

  • Join conversation on Twitter, hashtag #socialteaching
  • Respond to polling questions, as they are live-tweeted (will have prefix hashtag #poll for easy identification)
  • Join the texting group to participate in private backchannel and share your insights via text message

One more request I will throw out…What suggestions or strategies would you share for faculty who are considering incorporating social media into their teaching? I’d love to include tips as part of the presentation! Feel free to leave a comment here on my blog to tweet using hashtag #socialteaching

Lessons from the World’s Most Captivating Presenters

We all would like to be better communicators. Whether you give formal presentations or simply share ideas informally with others, we always can become even more skilled at communicating. These slides share 10 tips that anyone who communicates.
Courtesy HubSpot

A Classroom in Your Pocket: Mobile Teaching and Learning

With mobile technologies like smartphones and tablets, students can access course materials from anywhere and engage in learning activities while on the go. The new capabilities of mobile devices make it possible for faculty to create new learning experiences that empower students to leverage the mobile devices they are using every day.

On June 1, 2012, NIU Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center offered the 6th annual Teaching with Technology Institute, this year devoted to mobile teaching and learning. The goal of this institute was to help faculty better understand the capabilities and pedagogical potential for incorporating mobile devices in their teaching. A mobile device was not required, but faculty were encouraged to bring their devices.

David & JohnThis institute featured a morning session led by David Gagnon, Instructional Designer with the ENGAGE program and John Martin, Learning Consultant, both at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In their presentation, they provided an introduction to mobile teaching and learning, discussed where mobile learning is headed, and showcased what other schools are doing regarding mobile teaching and learning. They then led a guided brainstorming session with participants to consider potential uses of mobile technology in the classroom.

During the afternoon session, led by Faculty Development staff, participants received a hands-on introduction to the capabilities and unique characteristics of mobile devices. Participants experienced taking photos, shooting video, and recording audio on mobile devices, among other mobile activities. Participants worked in groups to identify potential mobile teaching and learning strategies based on the capabilities introduced, designed a learning activity based on a selected mobile strategy, and then shared a sample product of what their students might create.

More photos from the institute are posted here.

A mobile agenda and handout for the institute is here.

In leading the afternoon guided hands-on activities, I prepared this prezi presentation.

Revolutionary Presentations Using Prezi

Several weeks back I came across Prezi beta that claims to allow,

…anyone who can sketch an idea on a napkin to create and perform stunning non-linear presentations with relations, zooming into details, and adjusting to the time left without the need to skip slides.

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