My BbWorld13 Presentation Schedule


I’m fortunate to be able to attend BbWorld for the second straight year. In additional to presenting, I’ll be leading a pre-conference workshop. I’m also honored to be able to accept a Blackboard Catalyst Award on behalf the NIU Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center.

Here’s a list of the presentations I’ll either be giving or be a part of at BbWorld…

Scheduled Presentations

Offering Online Professional Development for Faculty Using a Cross-Platform Strategy

For the very first time, Northern Illinois University offered a fully-online teaching effectiveness institute utilizing a combination of Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Collaborate, and Blackboard Mobile platforms. This cross-platform approach has proven to be very successful and provides a model for faculty to incorporate an integrated approach for implementing all three platforms in their teaching. In this session we will share NIU’s cross-platform strategy, practices, and lessons learned that can be applied to any online professional development initiative. Bring your own questions and experiences to join in the discussion!

Date/Time/Location: Tue, 7/9/13, 2:00PM-2:55PM, Venetian I
Presenter(s): Jason Rhode, Stephanie Richter

Enterprise Surveys and Course Evaluations: Features and Considerations for Institutional Adoption

With the release of Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 10, the new “Enterprise Surveys and Course Evaluations” tool adds a robust and flexible set of new capabilities tightly integrated within Blackboard for conducting surveys and course evaluations on a wide scale. This session will share Northern Illinois University’s recent experiences exploring the new features and developing a roadmap for institution-wide implementation.

Date/Time/Location: Wed, 7/10/13, 2:00PM-2:55PM, Venetian I
Presenter: Jason Rhode

Lessons from Tacos and Pizza: The Importance of 24/7 Access for Students

Forget the famous saying about Las Vegas; what happens inside your classroom should NOT stay inside your classroom. For students, the learning experience beyond lecture hour is just as important as what happens during class. Thanks to modern technology, it is now easier than ever to make academic resources available 24/7, and use them to enhance teaching practices and the learning experience.

Date/Time/Location: Wed, 7/10/13, 3:10PM-4:05PM, Titian 2303
Presenter(s): Jason Rhode, Stephanie Richter

It will be a busy week, but one in which I am looking forward to! Let the presentation preparation begin.

If you’ll be at BbWorld, look me up! I’ll be tweeting @jrhode and will share my presentation slides and other resources here on my blog. I will try to also blog my experiences at BbWorld.

Looking for Presentations Slides/Handouts?

I will be posting the slides and accompanying resources from my BbWorld presenters here on my blog along with any other BbWorld-related reflections. Enjoy!

How to Setup Custom Flipboard Channel for BbWorld13

If you are looking for an elegant way on your mobile device to follow BbWorld conversations on social media, consider creating a custom channel on Flipboard for BbWorld13. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do so.

I have my Flipboard channels configured and will be following the tweets, photos, videos, and blog posts from #BbWorld13 via Flipboard on my iPad and iPhone. How about you?

If you use some other social media aggregator, leave a comment and share what app or approach works best for you.

Take the BbWorld13 Mobile App Tour

Headed to BbWorld13? Be sure to install the free BbWorld app before you arrive to plan your scheduled, connect with other attendees, and easily access the latest conference news and updates. Watch this tour to learn more about the features in the app.

BbWorld 2012 Corporate Keynote

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BbWorld 2012 Recap

If you don’t blink, you will catch my split-second cameo appearance (around 1:45) in this recap video from BbWorld 2012 (thanks Andrea for the heads-up!)