Presenting from iPad at BbWorld Using SlideShark

In my quest to go “laptop-less” at BbWorld, I plan to present from my iPad using the free SlideShark app. I’ve found SlideShark to be by far the simplest and most elegant solution for converting a PowerPoint to an iPad-native presentation for displaying.

first slide of PowerPoint presentation show on SlideShark app
First slide of presentation shown from iPad using SlideShark

Here’s how the service works in a nutshell. You sign-up for a free account and download the app onto your iPad. Then, when you have a PowerPoint presentation finished, you upload from your computer to your online account. Next, simply launch the Slideshark app on your iPad and after you’ve logged into your SlideShark account for the first time, you’ll see all your uploaded presentations. Tap the “Download” button to download any presentations you’ll be giving so that you have them stored locally on your iPad (in case you experience Wi-Fi issues). Displaying your presentation is then as simple as plugging your iPad into the projector and clicking the green “play” button.

If you’d like to ditch your laptop and simply present from your iPad, give SlideShark a try! Sign-up for free using this link and both you and I get some extra free storage!

SlideShark app on iPad
SlideShark app open on my iPad, BbWorld presentations loaded

If you do plan to present from your iPad, remember your dongle 🙂

Do you also use SlideShark? Or, perhaps you have found another approach for presenting PPT from iPad? Leave a comment and share your impressions of SlideShark and/or recommendations for other PowerPoint presentation alternatives.

Going Laptopless at BbWorld 2012

using iPad on lap

I’ve lost track of the number of conferences I’ve attended where I’ve loathed having to carry around a bulky laptop to take notes and use in giving presentations. BbWorld will be my first conference where I will attempt to go completely laptopless, using only my iPad to present and combo of my iPad and iPhone to take notes and moblog (aka: mobile blog) my experience and takeaways.

The BbWorld app, social media feeds viewable on Flipboard, and utilities like IFTTT all make it possible to have access to all conference-related content and conversations as well as easily contribute via social media, all from your mobile device of choice.

Have you gone laptopless already? What suggestions do you have for a newbie? Or, maybe you are going laptopless for the first time at BbWorld 2012? Leave a comment and share your experience! You’ll be able to follow mine at

Photo courtesy incredibleguy on Flickr

How to Setup Custom Flipboard Section for BbWorld

If you are looking for an elegant way on your mobile device to follow BbWorld and Bb Collaborate Connection Summit conversations on Twitter, consider creating a custom section on Flipboard for following saved Twitter searches #BbW12 and #BbCollab. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do so.

I have my Flipboard sections configured and will be following the Twitter conversations at BbWorld via Flipboard on my iPad and iPhone. How about you?