Screencast Tours of EDUMOOC Google Group, Alerts & Reader

For those new to Google Reader, I’ve recorded this brief tour of the EDUMOOC Google Group with a few tips for keeping discussion threads organized.

Additionally, I’ve recorded this tutorial on how to setup Google Alerts for EDUMOOC and subscribe in a RSS feed reader, like Google Reader.

I personally plan to follow the #edumooc hashtag on Twitter as well as my Google Alerts in Google Reader as my primary means for following the EDUMOOC conversation. How do you plan to aggregate and filter contributions? Leave a comment with your steps!

Better yet…record a screencast demonstrating your process or workflow and share it with the rest of us!

~ Jason


  • Daniel Huecker

    Thanks for making these. They will be handy for those of us that are still new to Google Groups.

  • Sue Goodrich

    Thanks for these great tutorials, Jason. They are very helpful.

    • Diana Gellci

      Thank you. That is really cool. And helpful indeed.

  • So well done. Thanks. I’ve been using Reader for years, and I still learned something.