iPhone optimized

Thanks to postings from Veronica Belmont and TUAW, I stumbled across a great plugin for WordPress called iWPhone that optimizes a WordPress blog for viewing on the iPhone or iPod Touch. I’ve installed this plugin on my blog, but since I don’t yet have an iPhone myself, I’ve not been able to see yet first-hand how the blog displays on either an iPhone or iPod touch. My next trip to an Apple store however, I’ll definitely be giving this a try!

For those of you who do happen to have an iPhone, I’d love it if you could try accessing this blog with your iPhone and drop me a comment with your feedback on how the blog displays for you. Even better yet, if you are able to somehow grab a screen capture and can send that my way, that’d be even better!

I’m hoping there’s an iPhone in my future…if AT&T would only expand it’s network so that usage wasn’t so limited or if they would allow Apple to open up VoIP on the iPhone so that calls could be made over WiFi, that would be enough to put me over the edge to becoming an iPhone convert.

Along the lines of optimizing Web content for iPhone, I also just came across a great piece free software for Mac OS X called iPhoney that allows for a Web developer to preview a website how it will be rendered on an iPhone. I’ve tried this out and it works really well. However, the software doesn’t recognize the mimic the browser type for iPhone-specific CSS, so I wasn’t able to use the app to test my blog optimizations. Again, I hope someone out there who is privileged to have an iPhone can get in touch.