Google launches a microblogging tool: Google Buzz

Google recently announced Google Buzz, a new microblogging tool integrated within Gmail designed for starting conversations about the things you find interesting. Here’s a quick video introduction to Google Buzz:

It will be interesting to see how Google Buzz can be leveraged for learning opportunities. Since Google Buzz is integrated in Gmail, you won’t have to create a new account or password to use it. This should make Buzz easily accessible to students and teachers that are using Gmail but yet at the same time will isolate users who don’t or choose not to have a Gmail account.

What are your thoughts about Google Buzz? Might you consider trying it either Buzz in your classroom?


  • I’m going to try Buzz in my web media course, . It feels like a threaded discussion version of Twitter. The integration into gmail has been surprisingly convenient, and I am using Buzz more than I thought I would because of it. New buzzes show up in the gmail inbox, and that, too, has encouraged me to Buzz more often.

    Buzz will not replace Twitter, but it will probably be added to my social media list.

  • Be sure to share how your trial with Buzz goes in your web media course!