Flipped Classroom Resources from UT Austin

flipped flow model
The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas at Austin has developed some outstanding resources for faculty interesting in “flipping” their classroom instruction.

What is a flipped class?

This 1 minute video introduces the flipped classroom model of instruction.

What is a flipped class? from UT Austin CTL on Vimeo.

A flipped class is one that inverts the typical cycle of content acquisition and application so that

  • students gain necessary knowledge before class, and
  • instructors guide students to actively and interactively clarify and apply that knowledge during class.

What is flipped? Table comparison

Flipped Classroom Quick Start Guide

Flipped Classroom Quick Start Guide

How to Flip a Class

The videos and recommendations with guiding questions on the UTAustin CTL website, walk you through the steps of flipping a single class; the process is scalable for flipping portions of each unit or an entire course.

Thank you to the UT Austin CTL for developing and sharing such a comprehensive set of flipped classroom resources!