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NOTE - This course was developed and taught by Jason Rhode during Fall 2013 and is being submitted for review and recognition as Blackboard Exemplary Course. For more details on the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program, visit

Course Description

Overview of the theoretical issues/trends in instructional technology and their impact on the effective selection, design, utilization, and evaluation of instructional media.

Course Overview

In ETT 510, you will be exposed to the processes of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of learning, with an orientation toward both hard and soft technical skills and equipment involving the use of instructional media for teaching and training. This is not an application course for computers; rather it is one that will explore the effects of instructional technology on teaching and learning. The course content is distributed between two main areas of focus - instructional design principles as well as strategies and methods for integrating technology in learning environments.

Getting Started

  1. Watch the course orientation (see below) for a tour of the online learning environment for this course
  2. View the information posted in "Course Content"
  3. Watch course welcome from your instructor, posted in "Your Instructor"
  4. Download the course syllabus and quick quick available in "Course Content"
  5. Activate your free digital course textbook, details in "Course Content"
  6. Begin completing assigned readings and resources for Unit 1, listed in "Readings"

Course Orientation

The following tutorial explains how to navigate the Blackboard learning management system and this specific course.

Embedded Video Player: ETT 510 - Fall 2013 - Course Tour

The video above is captioned and transcript may be viewed (if it isn't already shown in the video) by clicking the "CC" button in the player. 

Course Learning Objectives

In this course, you will:

  1. Describe various common instructional media, including their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and schemes for selection and integration into instructional settings.
  2. Describe the issues and procedures for the systemic design, development and evaluation of instructional materials.
  3. Produce simple materials following principles of good visual design and production.
  4. Analyze specific applications of instructional media across contexts and environments (e.g., military, health, business, early childhood, K-12).
  5. Apply systematic instructional design concepts to the design and development of a package or unit for use in an educational setting in which he/she:
    • Describe in general terms the unit, its purpose and rationale;
    • Describe the target population or intended learners;
    • States terminal objectives in behavior terms, including conditions under which the behavior is to occur and criterion of acceptable performance where appropriate;
    • Develops an outline of the subject matter content which will lead to achievement of the objective(s) for the unit;
    • Selects appropriate media for integration into the unit;
    • Describes appropriate evaluation/assessment procedures.

ADA Statement

Northern Illinois University is committed to providing an accessible educational environment in collaboration with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). If you require an academic accommodation due to a disability, let your instructor know as soon as possible. Students who need academic accommodations based on the impact of a disability will be encouraged to contact the DRC if they have not done so already. The DRC is located on the 4th floor of the Health Services Building, and can be reached at 815-753-1303 (V) or

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