Downcast – best podcatcher app for iOS

I have been a connoisseur of podcasts for years and up to this point, still subscribe to podcasts via iTunes on my computer and then sync my mobile device to my computer to get the content onto my computer. While this workflow has continued to suit me just fine, I have increasingly been wanting to “cut the cord” and not have to daily plug my iPhone or iPad into my computer to sync new podcasts.

When Apple announced the development of a stand-alone podcatcher app for iOS 6, I had high hopes for using this app in place of my iTunes downloading/syncing workflow. However, after trying the first iteration of this app, I was really disappointed with the unrefined and clunky UI, sluggish performance and numerous errors when attempting to download new episodes, along with many missing features that I had hoped for.

I had heard many positive reviews of Downcast and decided with an upcoming trip to BbWorld where I won’t have my laptop with me, it was time for me to spend the $1.99 and give Downcast a try. I am SOOOO glad I did! Downcast is a universal app (purchase once, download for both iPhone and iPad) and does an AMAZING job at allowing me to easily subscribe to, listen to, and organize my podcast subscriptions. Also included is iCloud syncing, so all the settings and content from one device are automatically synced to the other…stop listening to an episode on one device and pick up where you left off on another! It handles both audio and video episodes, and allows for speeding up playback up to 3X. Most importantly…it just works! I unfortunately can’t say the same for Apple’s podcasts app.

download Downcast

After just 1 day, I HIGHLY recommend Downcast and if you are an iOS user podcast junkie like me, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Here’s a quick tour of Downcast that I recorded on iPad giving a few more of my first impressions.

This screencast was recorded using Display Recorder on iPad, then shared to Dropbox and finally uploaded to YouTube. While Display Recorder does have built in direct upload to YouTube, I wasn’t able to get it to work.

Have you used Downcast? What is your favorite feature? Leave me a comment and share any tips you may have for other newbie Downcast users like me.


  • I too am a great fan of Downcast and have been for several months. I have one question for you though. In your post you use Display Recorder and when I went to look it up as it was going to be a new tool for me to use, it says it is not available in the US stores. How did you get it?

    • Todd – It looks like  Display Recorder has been pulled from the US store.  I downloaded it about 2 weeks ago and my attempt today was the first time I’ve recorded a screencast using it.  There is a review of the app at  the indicates perhaps the app violated some Apple terms of service.  I guess you’ll unfortunately need to wait and see if Display Recorder becomes available again.  I hope Apple does allow it back into the store…it appears to be a great app for recording screencasts on iOS.

  • Thanks Jason, I have been looking for something to get me back into Podcasts. This will likely do the trick. I also did some searching for the Display Recorder app only to find that it had been pulled. 🙁 I hope you enjoy BbWorld!