Mobile Learning Series: Text Messaging in Teaching

Short Message Service (SMS), commonly referred to as text messaging, is among one of the most widely available forms of electronic communication today and has become one of the preferred ways for students to communicate with each other. During this online session offered 11/17/2011 I discussed the dynamics of incorporating SMS into teaching. Technical specifics and free apps for sending/receiving SMS messages with students without giving out one’s personal cell phone number were shared. | view podcast in iTunes | view mp4

To learn more about text messaging in teaching, consider participating in the Text Messaging in Teaching workshop offered by the Sloan Consortium, details at

A preview of this 10-day online workshop is available here.

Blackboard II: Building Your Blackboard Course

This online workshop offered 7/28/2011 was a follow-up to the Blackboard I: Introduction to Blackboard workshop. I covered the specifics of developing a course in Blackboard, including personalizing course navigation, setting up a materials-delivery structure and creating discussion areas.

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