LMS Upgrade: Roadmap for Successful Implementation

The upgrade to Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 at Northern Illinois University from Release 8.0 has proven to be very successful and has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from faculty and teaching staff. This session I led at Blackboard World 2012 on Thu, 7/12/12, 8:45AM-9:15AM, Digital Content and Upgrade Center shared the strategies and practices that made the upgrade a success and can be applied to any upcoming LMS upgrade.

Join in the conversation on Twitter using session hashtag #niulms and find online interactive handout, including links to download plan source files, at j.mp/niuplan

This session was recorded and the link to view the archive will be added here as soon as it becomes available.

Northern Illinois University: Success with Blackboard Collaborate, Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Mobile, and More

During this presentation at BbWorld 2012, my colleague from NIU, Vance Moore, and I were joined by Rajeev Arora, V.P. for Marketing & Strategy at Blackboard Collaborate, and discussed how NIU has harnessed the power of multiple Blackboard platforms to create a smooth-yet-powerful online learning environment.

We mentioned the following online resources (and included links in the provided slides) during the presentation:

Blackboard Collaborate Upgrade Panel at BbWorld 2012

Unsure about how to upgrade from Wimba or Elluminate Live to Blackboard Collaborate 11 or 12? I participated in a panel presentation at Blackboard Collaborate Connections Summit along with Sarah Crawley, Dan Lim, Robin Smith, and David Tao where we shared our experiences about their upgrade processes.

Here are my slides from my portion of the presentation.

I mentioned the following available online resources during my presentation:

Rock on, SLATE! An Up Close Look at How a Blackboard User Group Has Impacted Teaching, Learning and Support of Technology in the Midwest

SLATE Celebrating 10 Years
Working in a vacuum can be daunting. Who do you turn to for best practices in teaching and learning, for advice when a challenge arises, or to assist you in managing change? More than 1500 of your peers turn to a Blackboard User Group! During this panel presentation at BbWorld 2012, my colleagues Cheryl Boncuore, Ken Sadowski, Heath Tuttle, and I shared about the professional and personal benefits received from participating in a Blackboard User Group (SLATE – Supporting Learning And Technology in Education).

Group leader, Ken Sadowski – winner of a 2011 Catalyst Award winner for Community Collaboration – has nurtured this 10-year old Midwest User Group from its humble beginnings to over 80 member institutions.

Slides and other resources shared during the presentation are at www.slategroup.org/bbw12

To learn more about SLATE or to become involved, visit www.slategroup.org

Podcasting online faculty development programs using Blackboard Collaborate MP4 archives

This session at Blackboard Collaborate Connections Summit shared Northern Illinois University’s journey offering live online faculty development workshops using Blackboard Collaborate as well as making online workshop archives available for on-demand viewing either online, in iTunes, or on a mobile device. Emphasis was placed on NIU’s step-by-step workflow for using Publish! in conjunction with Blackboard Collaborate to create MP4 versions of archives suitable for viewing online as well as on mobile devices to deliver archived online faculty development programs in podcast form. The presentation includes considerations for hosting archives outside Blackboard Collaborate as well as the steps necessary to create a podcast RSS feed, submit to the iTunes store, and update the necessary files when a new MP4 archive from Blackboard Collaborate is generated.