Quick Tips for Effective Instruction

My department at NIU has been working on a new endeavor we are calling “Quick Tips for Effective Instruction” in which we are putting together short multimedia presentations (5-8 minutes) to introduce faculty to different resources and methods for teaching and learning.  The presentations are made available in a variety for formats, for viewing either online, as a podcast, or even via YouTube.  

Here’s an example of the low-res version of one of the presentations available on YouTube:

For links to other formats of the presentation, such as hi-res online and the text transcript, click here.

The Northern Today, NIU’s weekly online newsletter, recently did a feature article on the project. To read the full story, click here.

New Blog for SLATE – Midwest Blackboard User’s Group

One of what I consider to be the “perks” of my job is that I get to meet once a month with some great people who also are involved in supporting learning and technology in education. This great group of people from across the Midwest comprise SLATE, the Midwest Blackboard User’s Group.

SLATE, the Midwest Blackboard Users Group, was created from the concept that all institutions that are deploying and/or currently using Web-based components to enhance their teaching and learning activities, have the same questions, the same challenges, and the need for the same solutions. By drawing together the expertise of the people involved in the entire academic experience and those designing, supporting, and using these applications; faculty, support staff, systems administrators, instructional designers, librarians, and students – a broader and more accessable and dynamic support system could be established. Our current membership comes from K-12, Higher Education, and the Corporate sector and isn’t limited to just Blackboard usage.

I’m happy to report that in addition to the SLATE website and discussion community, there is now a SLATE blog over at http://slategroup.blogspot.com.

SLATE - Midwest Blackboard Users Group: Welcome

While the blog is very much still a work in progress, it certainly will be a great mode for continued communication and networking efforts concerning various aspects of educational technology implementation, support, and best practices.

Children’s Ministry Archive

As part of the long overdue process of rebuilding my personal website, the collection of children’s ministry resources that I’ve compiled, formerly located at jasonrhode.com/resources has been moved and is now available at www.childrensministryarchive.com.

Being rebuilt using the WordPress blogging platform, the archive is now searchable and features RSS feeds allowing for subscription to both new posts and comments.  Feel free to spread the word about the free resources I have posted.  If you’ve found them to be of benefit, I’d love to hear from you.