New Site:

I’ve put together a new, non-institutionally branded professional site using the free Google Pages tool at I’m planning to maintain this new site along with my personal NIU site with my professional endeavors while keeping more personal.

Stop by and say hello!

Commencement Details

My wife and I are forward to heading to Atlanta this next week for my commencement ceremony on March 1st. We’ll be flying into Altanta Thu. afternoon, 2/28, with my in-laws and my dad. My brother who is currently stationed at Barksdale AFB in Shrevoport, LA is going to try to make it over as well if his schedule permits.

We’re going to try and get a bunch of sight-seeing in before the ceremony on Saturday afternoon. It should be a lot of fun! For those who are interested and want to try and sneek a peek at the commencement ceremony, it will be webcast live on Saturday, 3/1 at 2PM CDT. More details are at

Biographies of Fallen NIU Students

Biographies of the 5 fallen NIU students are now available on the NIU memorial site at

Apparently, the young man who died, Daniel Parmenter, was actually shielding his girlfriend from the attack. Click here to read the complete story.

NIU Tragedy Press Conference Video

As I posted earlier, the NIU campus is reeling from the recent shooting on campus. For those who are interested and weren’t able to watch it live, here’s a video of the press conference featuring comments from NIU President John Peters and NIU Police Chief Donald Grady responding to the tragic events.

In the press conference, Chief Grady discussed the rapid response of the NIU campus police force in response to first reports of the shooting. I can attest personally to the responsiveness of NIU police…they certainly are a highly trained and VERY responsive unit. There’s no doubt that police were on the scene within 29 seconds as Chief Grady noted.

Please continuing praying for the entire NIU community.

Tragic Shooting at NIU

As you most likely have heard by now, yesterday afternoon (2/14) there was a tragic shooting at NIU where I work. If you’ve been watching the news, you likely know as many details at this point as I do. At the time of the shooting, I was in my office which was about 2 blocks away from Cole Hall, the building where the shooting took place.

Photo of victim

Thanks to everyone who has called or emailed to check and make sure that I was ok. It was a chaotic scene on campus yesterday with media and emergency personnel flooding the scene. The news of what was happening on campus initially spread faster by word of mouth and cell phone text messages than any other means. It was a surreal experience to be watching events happening live on CNN while also watching it happen through an office window. Waking up the day after, it still is hard to believe that such a horrendous event could take place in DeKalb.

Here’s a video with a few photos from the past day at NIU:

For more details on the healing process on campus in the days ahead as well as any further news, you can check the NIU website at Please keep the campus administration, faculty, students, and most importantly the students and families of those directly affected by the shooting in your thoughts and prayers. The university community has a long road of healing ahead…