Going Laptopless at BbWorld 2012

using iPad on lap

I’ve lost track of the number of conferences I’ve attended where I’ve loathed having to carry around a bulky laptop to take notes and use in giving presentations. BbWorld will be my first conference where I will attempt to go completely laptopless, using only my iPad to present and combo of my iPad and iPhone to take notes and moblog (aka: mobile blog) my experience and takeaways.

The BbWorld app, social media feeds viewable on Flipboard, and utilities like IFTTT all make it possible to have access to all conference-related content and conversations as well as easily contribute via social media, all from your mobile device of choice.

Have you gone laptopless already? What suggestions do you have for a newbie? Or, maybe you are going laptopless for the first time at BbWorld 2012? Leave a comment and share your experience! You’ll be able to follow mine at jasonrho.de/bbw12

Photo courtesy incredibleguy on Flickr


  • Thanks for the note about setting up saved searches in flipboard. I went laptopless at a conference for the first time 4 years ago with my 1st-gen iPhone as an experiment (rather successful, thanks to the mobile WordPress app) and now it’s a no-brainer for me; only a tablet has the battery life and portability to go the distance. Thanks to VNC clients like Splashtop I’m not even considering buying a laptop anymore.