#BbWorld14 Being Present and Engaging Students Online Using Blackboard Video Anywhere

Engaging Students Online Using Blackboard Video Everywhere

Tue, 7/15/14, 2:45-3:30pm
Murano 3304

During this session at the BbWorld 2014, Learn about one instructor’s use of YouTube’s free and easy-to-use features incorporated in Blackboard for recording, editing, captioning, and embedding video into his online course. An overview of the steps for recording, editing, captioning, video in YouTube will be provided as well as examples shared for various approaches for seamlessly incorporating video into any online course. A summary of feedback survey results from students regarding their experiences with video in the course will be shared as well as lessons learned by the instructor for those wishing to follow the same suggested steps for incorporating video in their own course. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session and see first-hand a demo by the instructor of how the video was seamlessly incorporated into Blackboard Learn. Accompanying slides are available here and links included in slides shared below.

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  • Robbin Riedy

    Thank you for the presentation! Did you require students to transcribe the videos they used for discussions or journals?

    • No, I did not require the students to transcribe their videos. I only transcribed my own.

    • Robbin – I did not require students to transcribe their videos they created. I only transcribed my own videos.