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Benchmarks of Online Higher Education [Infographic]

Surveys of Chief Academic Officers at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) reveal how public and private institutions are navigating the world of online higher education. What is your school’s online education GPA?

Download the “Online Learning at Public Universities: Building a New Path to a College Degree” report, conducted in conjunction with AASCU member institutions.

Download the “Online Learning at Private Universities: A Survey of Chief Academic Officers” report, conducted in conjunction with CIC member institutions.

To hear more about the results and for an opportunity to ask questions of the authors, a free, live webinar with authors Dr. David Clinefelter, Chief Academic Officer of Learning House, and Dr. Susan C. Aldridge, former Senior Fellow of AASCU, is being held on November 7 at 2 p.m. EST/11 a.m. PST. More webinar details >>

How to embed a photo in Blackboard

For several assignments in my online course, I require my students to embed image(s) into their postings in Blackboard.  Below are the steps I’ve outlined for how to post a photo so it is embedded (ie: viewed in line with the text of your discussion post).

Step 1: Compose your message as desired, then place your cursor in the body of your message where you want your image to appear.

Step 2: Click the “Insert/Edit Image” button.

Steps 1-2

Step 3: Click the “Browse My Computer” button and locate the image on your computer that you wish to embed.

Step 4: Enter “Image Description” and “Title”

Step 5: Click the “Insert” button

Steps 3-5

Step 6: Click the “Submit” button (if discussion) or “Post Entry Button” (if journal or blog)

The photo you selected should be displayed where you cursor was located in your post.

Step 6

Step 7: View your post to ensure that photo is embedded where desired

Step 7

Whenever you are asked to post a photo in Blackboard, it’s always preferred that you embed the photo as described above instead of attaching otherwise.

How to post a working hyperlink to a Blackboard discussion, blog, or journal

As I often require my students to include working hyperlinks as part of the discussion, blog, or other assignments in Blackboard, here are the simple steps that I have compiled and shared with my students for creating a working hyperlink to any discussion, blog, etc. using the “Create/Edit” link in the visual text box editor).

Step 1: Highlight the text you want to make a working hyperlink

Step 2: Click the “Insert/Edit Link” button

Steps 1 and 2

Step 3: Copy/paste the URL for your link

Step 4: Select “Open in New Window (_blank)” from the “Target” drop-down

Step 5: Click the “Insert” button

Steps 3-5

Step 6: Click the “Submit” button (if a discussion post) or

Step 6

Step 7: Test your hyperlink to make sure it works, clicking on the link you created to ensure that it opens as desired in a new window

Step 7

As a matter of best practice, it’s always a good idea to make hyperlinks you add to Blackboard to open in a new window, as it will be easier for your users to view the website shared on either their computer or mobile device.

Designing and Developing a MOOC: Lessons from Experience

Few current educational technology innovations have received the attention of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). However, most of the discourse is philosophical and hypothetical. So how does designing and delivering a MOOC actually work? This fall, NIU offered its first MOOC titled “Perspectives on Disability.” In this session at the 2013 SLATE Conference, my colleagues Stephanie Richter, Tracy Miller, and I shared the unique collaborative process we followed to design and develop the MOOC, including recommendations for other institutions beginning their MOOC journey. We will also discussed how we worked with Blackboard CourseSites to deliver the course. Slides are available here.

Thinking of designing a MOOC? Find more tips for designing a massive open online course here.