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My BbWorld 2012 Presentation Schedule

Blackboard Collaborate Connections Summit
This year I’m fortunate that things have worked out so that I’m able to attend, for the very first time, BbWorld. I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to simultaneously also participate in the Blackboard Collaborate Connections Summit while in New Orleans and am honored to in the process be able to accept a Blackboard Catalyst Award on behalf the NIU Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center.

In the spirit of collaboration and wanting to take full advantage of the opportunity at BbWorld to share with others, I submitted a couple of presentation proposals, hoping that one would be accepted. To my surprise, they were both accepted and I was invited to speak on two other panels as well as share NIU’s use of Blackboard products in another session…so, I’m a part of five presentations. Here’s a list of the presentations I’ll either be giving or be a part of at BbWorld and Bb Collaborate Connections Summit…

Scheduled Presentations

Have your cake and eat it too! Podcasting online faculty development programs using Blackboard Collaborate MP4 archives

This session will share Northern Illinois University’s journey offering live online faculty development workshops using Blackboard Collaborate as well as making online workshop archives available for on-demand viewing either online, in iTunes, or on a mobile device. Emphasis will be placed on NIU’s step-by-step workflow for using Publish! in conjunction with Blackboard Collaborate to create MP4 versions of archives suitable for viewing online as well as on mobile devices to deliver archived online faculty development programs in podcast form. The presentation will include considerations for hosting archives outside Blackboard Collaborate as well as the steps necessary to create a podcast RSS feed, submit to the iTunes store, and update the necessary files when a new MP4 archive from Blackboard Collaborate is generated.

Date/Time/Location: Wed, 7/11/12, 10:20AM-10:45AM, Room 384
Presenter: Jason Rhode

Rock on, SLATE! An Up Close Look at How a Blackboard User Group Has Impacted Teaching, Learning and Support of Technology in the Midwest

Working in a vacuum can be daunting. Who do you turn to for best practices in teaching and learning, for advice when a challenge arises, or to assist you in managing change? More than 1500 of your peers turn to a Blackboard User Group! Whether you’ve been thinking about joining or leading a group, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn firsthand from the members of SLATE (Supporting Learning & Technology in Education) about the professional and personal benefits received from participating in a Blackboard User Group. You’ll also hear how group leader, Ken Sadowski- winner of a 2011 Catalyst Award winner for Community Collaboration- has nurtured this 10-year old Midwest User Group from its humble beginnings to over 80 member institutions.

Date/Time/Location: Wed, 7/11/12, 10:55AM-11:50AM, Room 392
Presenter(s): Cheryl Boncuore, Jason Rhode, Ken Sadowski, Heath Tuttle

Blackboard Collaborate Upgrade Panel

Unsure about how to upgrade from Wimba or Elluminate Live to Blackboard Collaborate 11 or 12? Listen to our panel of experts as they share their experiences about their upgrade processes.

Date/Time/Location: Wed, 7/11/12, 2:55PM-3:50PM, Room 385
Presenter(s): Sarah Crawley, Dan Lim, Jason Rhode, Robin Smith, David Tao

Northern Illinois University: Success with Blackboard Collaborate, Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Mobile, and More

Though Northern Illinois University heavily relies on Blackboard Collaborate for its online classes and world-class professional development trainings, it relies on many other Blackboard platforms as well. This presentation will discuss how NIU has harnessed the power of multiple Blackboard platforms to create a smooth-yet-powerful online program that has truly become world class.

Date/Time/Location: Wed, 7/11/12, 4:10PM-5:05PM, Room 261
Presenter(s): Rajeev Arora, Vance Moore, Jason Rhode

LMS Upgrade: Roadmap for Successful Implementation

The upgrade to Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 at Northern Illinois University from Release 8.0 has proven to be very successful and has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from faculty and teaching staff. This session will share the strategies and practices that made the upgrade a success and can be applied to any upcoming LMS upgrade. Bring your questions as well as suggestions to join in the conversation!

Date/Time/Location: Thu, 7/12/12, 8:45AM-9:15AM, Digital Content and Upgrade Center – Theater
Presenter: Jason Rhode

It will be a busy week, but one in which I am looking forward to! Let the presentation preparation begin.

If you’ll be at BbWorld and/or Collaborate Connections Summit, look me up! I’ll be tweeting @jrhode and will share my presentation slides and other resources here on my blog. I will try to also blog my experiences at BbWorld, but it all depends on if I can find some extra time in my schedule to do so 🙂

Looking for Presentations Slides/Handouts?

I will be posting the slides and accompanying resources from my BbWorld presenters here on my blog along with any other BbWorld-related reflections. Enjoy!

Technology in Education: How Will it Change the Game?

In March 2012, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan expressed his conviction that “technology is a game-changer in the field of education.” One year ago President Obama put out a call for “investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game.”

What are the sorts of promising innovations living up to this challenge? How are they accelerating the quality of and access to education? Is gaming an effective tool? What are the challenges in adapting these technologies in everyday practice? And how can we trust that they will deliver on the promises? Are there compelling opportunities for entrepreneurs? The Churchill Club assembled a diverse set of thought leaders to offer unique perspectives on these questions and explore big changes looming over the horizon.

Linda Burch, Chief Education & Strategy Officer, Common Sense Media
Ben Chun, Educator, Galileo Academy of Science & Technology
Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Worldwide Education, Microsoft
Lucien Vattel, Owner, Chizuru Games & Executive Director, GameDesk
Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Associate Professor of Computer Science, UC Santa Cruz & Co-director, Expressive Intelligence Studio
Moderator: Tony Wan, Associate Editor, EdSurge